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Engine Work


ZOOMLION serves various countries and regions around the world.

L&W Equipment Group Limited and ZOOMLION will commit to provide a full range of services and technical support for you. If you have any questions about earthmoving service and technology, please feel free contact us.

Service Programme

Technical Support

  • Standard Service 

  • General Inspection;

  • Pre-Delivery Inspection; 

  • On-site Inspection; three Periodic Inspections;

  • an on-call service

  • Value-added Service

Provide proper project construction plan if needed:
Appoint special long-term on-site service engineer for your project;
Workshop overhauling

The technical support will be provided from L&W Equipment Group Limited and ZOOMLION. And we  committed to providing best-in-class technical support.

  • Experienced service engineers of distributors respond to your on-site service request 24/7/365;

  • Regional  service engineers in your local area are also there to provide further support;

  • Service experts at Zoomlion headquarters serve with the most specialized solution in all matter related to you every need.

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